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Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. All of our leadership are low income and working class women of color and femmes dedicated to working toward reproductive justice. We strive to continue to be a representation of the people we serve.


If you would like to help us continue and expand the work we are doing please click the link below to make a one time or recurring donation.


A donor recently asked if their $5 a month matters. The answer is yes!
$5 can be lunch for someone. $5 is paper for our printer, it’s gas and along with the next $5 and the next $5 it can become hundreds and thousands of dollars.
That’s how we use collective power!


Our Act Blue donation link is here

If you would like to donate by check

Our address is available if you email us at We will post our new PO box soon. Make checks payable to Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund



You can also donate via bank draft through the National Network Of Abortion Funds and simply note that you would like your donation earmarked for the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (not simply Mississippi but the fund specifically) they will pass on the donation. Due to our 501c3 status pending reinstatement use this option for deduction purposes

If you are interested in sending us items from our wish lists you can find them below

Our general needs Amazon Wishlist  here

Pregnancy and Parenting Center Wishlist (if you are looking for baby items they’re are here) here

Lending Library Wishlist here


Diaper and Period Supply Closet Wishlist here

Little Free Pantry Wishlist here

Self Care is a Radical Act Wishlist (Items to assist in the self care of our community of volunteers) here

If you would like to read about our new pregnancy resource center and programming space were creating in Jackson, MS please read more here or here.

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